Swiss Govt Grants CHF 2.2 mln to Waste Management Project in Berat Region

TIRANA, November 2

The Swiss government will provide a grand of Euro2.2 million on a project for solid urban waste management in Berat region. An agreement by Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs was signed on Wednesday between the Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, the Swiss Ambassador to Tirana, Christoph Graf, and fours representatives from the municipalities of Berat, Kucova, Ura Vajgurore, and Skrapar.
Ambassador Graff said that waste management is a major problem in Albania. He added that this project aims at creating a solid model of waste management. If this model will result successful, it will be implemented in other regions.
On his part, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri said that regional projects on integrated waste management are the best approach because the government can’t build and finance landfills for small municipalities.
The project will develop the general capacities of public authorities on the management of solid waste. Moreover, it is going to encourage capabilities in drafting financial policies and schemes on service improvement, it was said in the press release issued by the Swiss Embassy.
The problem of solid waste management was a major concern in the city of Berat.

News Source: Swiss Embassy

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