Sweet Farm Unifies 200 Apple Farmers in Korca

Sweet Farm Unifies 200 Apple Farmers in Korca

TIRANA, October 14

Over 200 apple farmers in Korca have unified their businesses in one single farm that produces 15 apple varieties. The farm consists of 20 hectares of utilized agricultural area and the initial investment was made by a returnee from Canada. Besides the fact that such a large farm would help farmers to lower overall costs and increase access to funding, new technology is the novelty of the joint initiative named ‘The Sweet Farm’. The investment includes an anti-hail technology that would protect the produce and apple orchards from immediate and long-term losses from hailstorms damage.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Bledi Cuci said during a visit to the farm that new management, knowledge, and technology makes the Sweet Farm a unique investment in Albania. He added that the farm was granted Lek 7.8 million to develop its infrastructure and orchards.

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Source/Photo Credit: B. Cuci

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