Summer Bookings Up as Turkish Tourism Is in Crisis

Summer Bookings Up as Turkish Tourism Is in Crisis

TIRANA, January 3

A sudden increase in tourism is expected in Albania as Turkey has been hit by tourism crisis. Therefore, tourists are taking into consideration other European countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, etc.
Administrators of hotels and other accommodation facilities confirmed an increase international tourists that want to spend the summer of 2017 in Albania. Bookings to Albania increased mostly due to Czech, Polish and Slovakian tourists.
Zef Pemati, manager of Rafaelo Resort in Shengjin with a capacity of 2,000 persons per night, says that half of the hotel has been already booked by Czech and Slovakian agencies. According to Pemati, tourism agencies from Eastern Europe are showing an increased interest in Albania. International tourists increased their preference for travelling to Albania even thanks to positive publicity made by foreign media.
Pemati said that low prices, cultural and natural attractions are the assets that Albania highlights when it comes to competition in the region.
Moreover, the manager of Dolce Vita hotel in Durres said that almost the entire hotel was booked since December. He said that the number of tourists that spend their summer holidays in Albania increased during the last three years and the demand for 2017 was even higher.
He also said that tourists from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine are coming in huge number in Albania. The managers say that they are adapting to the requests made by foreign agencies by providing special packages.
Even the managers of Fafa Hotel in Mali i Robit area confirmed the same trend. Given the high demand from foreign agencies, now, accommodation facilities in Albania have started to offer all-inclusive packages and invest more in their premises and services.
Even the manager of Divjaka Resort in Divjaka like all the others said that almost all of the hotel was booked by Czech and Polish agencies. Besides the low prices, Divjaka attracts visitors with it National Park, which is a first-rate destination for birdwatchers.

News Source: Monitor

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