Strong security measures in public beaches

Strong security measures in public beaches

Albania’s Council of Ministers has declared that the 28 public beaches of Albania will be subject to strong security measures during the summer season and various cleanliness measures. They have also specified the kinds of water sports that will be allowed in these beaches, as following: dipping (in certain water areas); parachute jump, parasailing, surfing; rafting.

About the security elements, areas of swimming must be separated from each other and to be easily recognized by people.  There will be swimming beach flags as swimming warnings. Also, there will be implemented many watch towers at different areas of every beach, in order to prevent sea incidents and to raise the security level.

There are other measures that will be taken according to the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

This governmental decisions aims to improve beaches conditions in terms of public sector services, to provide more comfortable beach vacations for all tourists, according to security, cleanliness and other state services.

News source: BalkanWeb

Photo credits: Wikimedia / Anna

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