Strong Growth in Albania’s Footwear and Garment Industry

Strong Growth in Albania’s Footwear and Garment Industry

TIRANA, December 22

Albania’s footwear and garment sector has benefited from customs and trade facilitations. Therefore, the sector marked a significant increase during 2016. Euro 1 contracts, VAT refund within 30 days and the fact that these are risk-free investments had an impact on the positive situation of footwear and garment industry.
According to official data, Albanian exports are supported by the textile and footwear group, which during January-October period increased by 19.4 percent compared to the same period of 2015.
Based on the statistics provided by the General Directorate of Customs, imports of goods under the active processing regime for 2016 is Lek 96.4 billion, while the import value of other goods is Lek 19.9 billion. The sector reflects a strong increase during the years.

News Source: Scan TV

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