State to Restart Bidding for Vlora Airport

State to Restart Bidding for Vlora Airport

TIRANA, April 23

The search of Albanian authorities for a company or group of companies to design and build Vlora Airport is starting over. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE) confirmed that the deadline for starting the negotiations between the Albanian government and the Turkish consortium passed without reaching an agreement.

Therefore, MIE announced that an international bid will reopen on the construction of the airport in Akerni area.
In January 2018, MIE announced that a consortium of three companies submitted an offer for the construction of the Airport in the forgotten airfields of Akernia. However, the govt and the consortium composed of Cengiz Construction, Kalyon Construction, and Kolin Construction couldn’t sign an agreement within the defined deadline.

No specific details were unveiled about the bidding process or changes to the project. Based on a reaction from the Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) in 2018, Akerni area is located within Vjosa-Narta protected area. According to the organization, the initial project violated the regulatory and legal norms for protected areas.

Vlora Airport is among the most important projects in the sector of infrastructure and air transportation. It is also expected to have a key role in the tourism sector and jobs for the local community of the area.

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