State Budget, Around Lek15 billion Less in 2018

State Budget, Around Lek15 billion Less in 2018

TIRANA, 17 September

Last year, in 2018 the public debt had a value of around €1.1 trillion (€9 billion) or 67.2% of GDP. The Ministry of Finance and Economy, has compiled the draft law on factual budget, with the published data, and has sent it to the parliamentary commissions for discussions, and afterward to be approved at the parliament.

Meanwhile, the investments that were not realized during 2018, were to the extent of 91%, or around undistributed Lek8 billion. Referred to the data, the state budget last year was Lek14.8 billion less, from the initial annual plan, or with a realization of 97%, reaching the value of Lek449.9 billion.

Whereas referred to the reviewed plan, the difference is around Lek12 billion. The poorest performance showed the income from taxation and customs, with a realization of 96%. Only from the added-value tax, compared to the initial budget were missing around Lek8.2 billion, with a realization of 95%. The excise from the fuel and mining rents was realized by 92%, from which were collected Lek45 billion for the whole year.

However, the Ministry of Finance and Economy has had a positive performance in the collection of income from the taxation over profit from the businesses and national tax, even surpassing the initial plan. The income from the taxation over profit had the value of Lek34.5 billion, and they were realized by 100%, according to the initial plan. Whereas, the income from the national tax and other taxes, were realized by 101%, or around Lek38.6 billion.


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