Startup Grind Tirana, building Tirana’s first start-up community

Startup Grind Tirana, building Tirana’s first start-up community

Startup Grind Tirana started its journey on September 10, 2014 as the first local Chapter of Startup Grind in Albania. This is the first initiative organized on monthly basis, and focused on educating, inspiring and connecting local startup founders, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

The first event was focused on entrepreneurship in technology. Startup Grind Tirana hosted Gentian Likaj, founder and CEO of Communication Progress, one of the most successful Albanian entrepreneurs in the IT field. Gentian shared with the audience his long experience in the IT business, discussed about the difficulties he faced when founded his company, which now has become one of the most successful IT companies in Albania. Communication Progress currently has over 40 employees, where more than 30 of them are engineers and software developers.


Startup Grind Tirana’s second event was held on October 14th, and hosted Lindita Shomo a successful woman entrepreneur. Being the founder and CEO of EasyPay, the first platform for online payments, Lindita was a very curious case to listen and learn from. Establishing a totally new enterprise in times when even the legal basis for online payments was inexistent in Albania, this is what we may call a real start up grind!


But, what it’s like listening someone as Alejtin Berisha speak about his stunning long experience in building startups? Unforgettable, trust us!

Alejtin is not only successful in establishing several startups that now have become successful internationally, as, an online and offline research platform, Universum College and many others, but he lately established Kosovo Business Angels Network (KOSBAN), an initiative which brings together angel investors interested to invest in early stage Startups. Knowing the difficulties and the struggle entrepreneurs face in opening startups, and making them profitable businesses, Alejtin has chosen to help many Albanians entrepreneurs find funding and training through KOSBAN.  The third speaker concluded successfully the last event of Startup Grind Tirana for 2014, which took place on November 13.


Startup Grind Tirana’s staff is composed by the chapter director, a community leader and a PR manager. During the past months many interested young entrepreneurs participated in the monthly events, whose aim is to connect people in a sophisticated and entertaining way.

The latest event held on January 15, 2015, and the invited speakers were Amarda Toska and Ermal Mamaqi, founders of Ami Event and Ermal Mamaqi Production Agency. They are both TV famous figures and shared with the audience the experience of being entrepreneurs at an early age and how is it to start everything from the beginning.


Photo credits: Startup Grind Tirana, The Pageman (Flickr)

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