“South Outdoor Festival” in Borsh Expecting 10,000 Spectators this Weekend

“South Outdoor Festival” in Borsh Expecting 10,000 Spectators this Weekend

TIRANE, 25 April

Borsh Albania
Borsh Villa

Considered one of southern Albania’s most picturesque villages, known for its clear blue water, the amazing beach and breathtaking nature, Borsh will welcome this upcoming weekend from April 26-29 the “South Outdoor Festival”.

This festival will offer everything from nature, sports, culture, tradition, music and culinary activities, and it will take place between the fields of ‘Groove Olive’ 400 meters away from the shore, in the new paved road that takes you to the sea.

Borsh, AlbaniaThe village of Borsh where the festival will take place between April 26-29

The mayor of the city hill of Himara, Jorgo Goro, said in an interview for A.T.SH (The Albanian Telegraph Agency) that: “the preparations are going very well. Currently we are in our final steps and everything is ready for the festival and the weather forecast shows that we will have 4 days of sunlight to accept the visitors”. He adds that the festival which is the third time in happening in a row, will welcome participants from Albania and abroad.

“Now that it has become a tradition, the “South Outdoor Festival” will move this year to one of the most beautiful countrysides of  Albanian Riviera, in Borsh. The village of Borsh is known for its hospitality, the potential of agro-tourism, history, the castle on a hill, olive groves and the production of oil ”- said Goro. According to him, the location of the festival will be between the olive groves of the Borsh, approximately 400 meters away from the beach.

This year, at the festival will partake 8000-10000 participants, which besides the sports activities will have the possibility to enjoy the traditional cooking and the natural beauties that this village has to offer. There will be 40 different activities related to sports and culture, during those 3 days. Aside from the activities there will be plenty of surprises for the partakers at the festival.

The mayor of Himara added that during the days there will be many topic forums like for instance the “Forum 100 villages”, discussions organized with the private sector and representatives of the government regarding the stable development of tourism.

Also, it will be a fair of local products and artisan, whereas another exhibition with food from the area will take place on Sunday, April 28th, on the occasion of Orthodox Easter celebrations. The evenings will continue with a marathon with live performances by Albanian musicians, like: the band “Elita 5”, Alban Nimani, “All in band”, Venera Lumani and Lindi Islami, and Urban Band.

An innovation is the activities that will take place in nature, besides the activities in the previous years, this year will have much more adrenaline for participants with activities like: Hot Air Balloon, Trike Flying, the race ‘Stand up paddling’, Sailing, Paddleboard, Yoga, and the Individual Stand Up Paddlieboarding. Hiking in the trail of the flowers Viols is another newness, meanwhile the activities Flyboard and Jetpack will make the experience of participants unforgettable.

the Castle of Sopoti
Night view of the Castle of Sopoti, Borsh in southern Albania

This is the biggest activity that happens in the south of Albania, and this activity will open the tourism season for the city hall of Himara. When asked about the potentials that Borsh offers, the mayor Goro added that Borsh is one the biggest villages with potential in tourism , where in addition to the beautiful beach it offers also other attractions like: cultural tours, the historic fortress of Sopoti, amazing landscape, the rich traditional cuisine, olive oil and citrus”.

Borsh is one of the biggest villages in southern Albania and is very known for its fields of olive groves, the production of olive oil, and for the long shoreline (7 km) formed by the delta of the river. Borsh has an exceptional geological diversity, rich legacy, tradition and a tasty cuisine that makes it ideal for all kinds of activities in nature and a perfect touristic destination.

A beautiful collection of musical talents, with acts and scenes will perform each day of the festival, whereas the beer, wine and the vendors of food will be available for all the participants.

Hot air balloon
Hot Air Balloon expected to be one of the many activities during the festival


Photo Credit/Source: A.T.SH







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