Some 89 Tourist Guides to Be Certified by February

Some 89 Tourist Guides to Be Certified by February

TIRANA, January 25

Some 89 Albanian tourist guides will be certified as an influx of tourists is expected during 2017, mostly in Saranda port. The southern coastal city will be part of cruise ships itineraries given many cruise lines are eyeing itineraries that don’t include Turkey. Tourism associations in Albania are getting prepared for the visitors’ influx. Therefore, they say that certification of guides is one of the first measures.
The association of tourism guides (NATGA) submitted the list of guides that are waiting for obtaining the certificate them allows them to exercise their profession conforming to the new tourism law. The certification process is expected to end in February. A part of them should be able to face the increased number of international tourists, especially for those that will arrive with cruise ships.
Meanwhile, representatives from the Association of Tourism Agencies and Tour Operators (ATOA) the government must improve conditions and infrastructure in sea ports.
“Ports of call are the first contact that tourists have with Albania, thus a design presentation is mandatory if we want the tourists to return again in Albania,” ATOA’s officials said.

News Source: Monitor

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