SMEs Make 99.8% of Active Enterprises in Albania

SMEs Make 99.8% of Active Enterprises in Albania

TIRANA, March 11

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Albania account for 99.8 percent of the active enterprises in 2018, the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) confirmed on Wednesday. This figure is the same as the previous year. In terms of sectors, trade accounts for 41.4 percent of SMEs. It is followed by the services sector, 21.2 percent. Meanwhile, the mining and quarrying and the electricity and gas sectors have the lowest percentage of 0.6 percent of the number of SMEs.
SMEs in Albania
Moreover, SMEs account for 79.8 percent of the total number of employees. The top employing sectors are trade, 29.0 percent, services sector, 19.5 percent, and manufacturing. 18.4 percent.
Trade, services, and construction account for the highest turnover in 2019 respectively 52.4 percent, 11.5 percent, and 10.7 percent.
On the other hand, enterprises with 250 plus employed, even though constitute only 0.2 percent of enterprises, engaged 20.2 percent of employed, realized 29.4 percent of the investment, 22.6 percent of turnover and 30.9 percent of value-added.

Source: INSTAT

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