Skylife Turkish magazine: “The Beauty of Balkan? Albania”

Skylife Turkish magazine: “The Beauty of Balkan? Albania”

Skylife Turkish magazine has published an article for Albania, entitled “The Beauty of Balkan: Albania”, by the journalist Melek Cevahiroğlu Ömür. “With its innumerable shades of green nature, the wonderful seashore, cultural heritage and the delicious cuisine, not to mention its economic potentials, Albania is a small place with a history that has to be shown in the Adriatic,” says the article.

The article describes Albania by a special point of view for different aspects as culture, tradition, tourism, history and economy.

Despite the fast development in infrastructure and the energy sector, telecommunication and transport, the young population and a well educated youth are the factors that have transformed Albania into an important regional hinge, which was included at “52 places you must visit during 2014” list of New York Times. The Turkish journalist visited Albania on December 2014 and published her impressions about Albania at the well known Skylife magazine.

The article also describes Tirana in its cultural and historical unique facts, the city of Shkodra, the stunning beaches in Vlora, Saranda and Durres and also museum cities which are included in Unesco list as world cultural heritage, as Berati, Gjirokastra and Butrinti. The magazine also highlights the natural beauties of Albanian Alps, especially the Valbona Valley, Theth National Park, and other touristic spots.

Skylife also mentions the advantages Albania has compared to other regional countries, in terms of country’s geographical position and the ability in attracting Foreign Direct Investments. All these features described in the article call for more investments and foreign tourists to Albania, especially from Turkey.

News source: ATA

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