Six Photovoltaic Plants Connected to the Grid in Jan-Aug 2019

Six Photovoltaic Plants Connected to the Grid in Jan-Aug 2019

TIRANA, October 18

Six companies started producing electricity from solar power in 2019 from photovoltaic plants with installed capacity up to 2MW. Official data on electricity generation for January-August 2019 show that these subjects generated 15,602MWh electricity from solar power. Based on the price of €100 per megawatt-hour set by the Energy Regulatory Entity (ERE) the estimated value is €1.5 million, Monitor magazine reports.

Initially, a total of 11 projects up to 2MW were adopted of which six started production between January and August. The companies that have installed the photovoltaic plants are located in the sunbaked areas of Topoja, Seman, and Plug, in Fier and Lushnja districts. So far, the total installed capacity is 12MW.

A few years ago, Albanian authorities launched a scheme that aimed at encouraging power generation from renewable sources. Then, it was decided that photovoltaic plants with an installed capacity up to 2MW and Wind farms with an installed capacity up to 3MW would be approved only with the minister’s signature to cut out the bureaucracy.

Numerous companies Albanian and international expressed interest to invest in photovoltaic plants in Albania. Based on the data provided by the Albanian government from the national plan on renewable energy sources, 75 application on solar power plants up to 2MW were submitted by December 2018. Eleven obtained the final approval and signed the contracts on the construction of the photovoltaic plants with the respective ministry.

Source: Monitor

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