Six Companies Bid to Capture the Sun in Akerni’s Solar Power Plant

Six Companies Bid to Capture the Sun in Akerni’s Solar Power Plant

TIRANA, September 19

Six international companies that are interested in the construction of the solar power plant of Akerni submitted their bids to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE). The Ministry announced that the bids were opened and read in the presence of the representatives of the six international companies, which according to Reuters’s sources are from the United States and the European Union (EU) countries.
The special commission will scrutinize and evaluate the pre-qualification criteria defined in the official bid. According to MIE, this process can be considered as one of the most important achievements in the energy sector as it will serve to increase energy production and also to promote the sources of renewable energy
“This project is conforming to the policies of the Albanian government on renewable energy incentives and most of all it helps to attract foreign investors interested in the sector, thus turning Albania into a regional center for energy production,” it was highlighted in MIE’s press release.

The solar power plant is planned to be constructed in the salt field of Akerni. It is one of the most suitable locations in the country in terms of solar resource potential.
The investment project value is expected to be Euro70 million. This is the first project of this capacity in the sector of renewable energy in Albania. At the same time, it aims at being one of the largest solar power plant projects in the region.

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News Source: MIE

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