Six Athletes to Represent Albania in Rio Olympics 2016

Six Athletes to Represent Albania in Rio Olympics 2016

TIRANA, August 1

It’s now official that the number of athletes that are going to represent Albania in Rio Olympics 2016 will be six. Weightlifter Evangjeli Veli joined the team of athletes after the Albanian Weightlifting Federation received an official invitation. Therefore, Veli is going to compete with the best weightlifting medalists of the world for the 53 kg category.
The International Weightlifting Federation confirmed the invitation for an Albanian athlete following the case of Russian athletes that were banned from Rio 2016 due to doping use allegations. On her part, Veli ranks fifth in her category at European level.
Meanwhile, the welcoming ceremony for the Albanian team was held during the weekend in the Olympic Village. They were welcomed by Mayor of the Olympic Village Janeth Arcain, a Brazilian basketball legend, during a festive ceremony. The Albanian team is composed of Luiza Gega, Sidni Hoxha, Izmir Smajlaj, Nikol Merizaj, Briken Calja and Evangjeli Veli.

News Source/ Photo Credit: NOC

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