Shengjin and Karaburun Areas Apt for Wind Farm Projects

Shengjin and Karaburun Areas Apt for Wind Farm Projects

TIRANA, May 11

The city of Tepelena in southern Albania will be home to the first wind farm in the country. The wind power plant will have a capacity of 13 MW.
Albanian authorities aim at encouraging such investments that help to reduce dependence on hydropower and network losses. Moreover, it will help to delocalize energy production from the north to the south.
“The best places for wind farms are in the coastal area, especially near Shengjin and in Karaburun Peninsula. The latter is the most feasible area for wind turbines,” representative from the Ministry of Energy Gjergji Simaku said.
Regarding solar power, there are no limitations concerning the location. Simaku said that Albania basks in sunshine most of the year and this increases the chances for the establishment of photovoltaic plants.
“The goal regarding photovoltaic plants is to put them closer to the consumer,” Simaku highlighted.
Moreover, the Albanian government decided to provide market with a specific fee regulated by the Energy Regulatory Entity for the photovoltaic plants with a capacity of 2 MW and for wind farms with a capacity of 3MW
Investors interested in renewable energy projects submit their bids in an auction and the winner is proclaimed the one that offers the lower energy price.

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