Save the Date for Natyra Fest 2019, #EjaneGramsh

Save the Date for Natyra Fest 2019, #EjaneGramsh

TIRANA, May 17

The third edition of Natyra Fest, a much-anticipated event on the natural and cultural landscapes of Gramshi area, will kick off on 25-26 May. The event that aims at promoting tourism, outdoor recreation and conservation in Gramshi welcomes outdoor enthusiasts from all over Albania to join the two-day program of events and festivities under #EjaneGramsh motto. (Find list of events below)
The municipality of Gramsh, located 60 km away from capital city Tirana, organizes the local festival that celebrates nature. It aims to strengthen the connection to nature and active nature behavior and to promote tourism as an economic growth alternative to the local communities.

Gramsh Albania

By attending this event, you will show support to not only to the locals but also to sustainable development and environmental conservations.

Gramsh has been attracting more and more visitors has it has a lot to offer to people who love exploring the outdoors. During Natyra Fest, visitors can participate in hiking and walking trails for both adults and children, caving, and kayaking sessions from morning onwards. In the meantime, the evening events include traditional and contemporary music and dance performances, an open-air movie screening.

Ready to explore

Sotira Waterfall Gramsh
Tourists’ destinations in Gramshi

Outdoor enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore sites like Sotira Waterfall, Holta Canyon, Kabashi Cave, Dushku Lake, Grabova Canyon, the Black Lake, Sineci Canyon, the castles of Kordioni and Tervolli, and many other sites. The area offers options for rock-climbing, camping, canyon hiking, off-road rally, biking, and much more.

Natyra Fest 2019 program

Natyra Fest Gramsh
Natyra Fest events

Saturday, May 25th

Guided tours, hiking, trekking all day
Canoeing sessions, all day
Traditional food and crafts fair at the city center from 11:00 hours to 16:00 hours.
Kite flying from 12:00 to 13:00 hours
Folk ensembles from Gramshi, Elbasani, Prrenjas, Belsh, and Mallakastra to perform in folk music and dance show from 19:00 to 21:00 hours
Party by the lake at 21:00 hours

Sunday, May 26

E Djelë, 26 Maj 2019

Guided tours, hiking, trekking all day
Canoeing sessions, all day
Music performance by an Austrian Band at 19:00 hours
Open air movie screening at 21:00 hours

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Photo Credit: Gramshi Municipality

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