Salmonella-Tainted Meat from Brazil Seized in Durres Port

Salmonella-Tainted Meat from Brazil Seized in Durres Port

TIRANA, May 16

The National Food Authority (NFA) announced on Monday that about 26 tons of poultry meat were seized in Durres port. The chicken meat exported from Brazil was infected with salmonella. This was confirmed by the chair of the NFA, Dritan Sejko. NFA’s inspectors strengthened controls on meat exported from Brazil following the tainted meat scandal in this country.
During 2016, over 25percent of imported meat to Albania came from Brazil. During the same year, 38,851 tons of meat were imported to Albania and Brazil is top meat import origin of Albania.
Meat import from this country varied during the last years, but it increased by 23 percent in 2016.
Brazil that is the world’s biggest exporter of beef and poultry was caught in a major scandal that involves allegations that state inspectors allowed rotten and salmonella-tainted meat to be exported to Europe.
In the meantime, the poultry chicken cargo arrived at Durres Port on May 3. Inspectors from the NFA took samples from the meat, which were found to contain salmonella. The NFA informed that the poultry meat shipment remains impounded in Durres Port.

News Source: NFA

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