Rise in Freight and Passenger Traffic in Jan-Nov 2017 Boost Trade and Tourism

Rise in Freight and Passenger Traffic in Jan-Nov 2017 Boost Trade and Tourism

TIRANA, December 28

The intensification of trade activity increased the volume of seaborn loaded and unloaded goods, railway freight transport, and air transport. This was confirmed by recent data issued by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), for January-November 2017. Exports during this period increased by 13.1 percent, which is a significant improvement compared to 2016.
Based on INSTAT’s data the volume of seaborne goods over the 11months period was 3.7 million tons. Compared to the previous year, transportation of seaborn goods increased by 8.3 percent. Over 93.5 percent of seaborne goods passed through Durres Port, the largest freight and passenger port in Albania. The largest quantities of freight shipments include basic metals, footwear, and garment, edible goods, coal, agricultural products.
The number of passengers that traveled by sea was 1.4 million and it increased by 18.8 percent compared to January-November 2016.

Railway freight transport quadrupled in November 2017

In the meantime, a growth in transport performance was noticed in the railway freight transport statistics. The volume of imported commodities transported by freight railway increased by 102.2 percent thus, reaching 3.5 million tons in November and a total of 24 million tons of commodities.

Tourism and air transport
The increased number of passengers travelling by sea and air is a positive indicator for the tourism sector. More people traveled to Albania in 2017. Meanwhile, the volume of air freight transport increased by 6.7 percent in Jan-Nov 2017.
In the meantime, air transport accounts for 61.7 percent of total passenger transport. Some 2.4 million passengers traveled by air and the number of flights was 22,180 thus increasing 9.8 percent compared to 2016.

News Source: INSTAT
Photo Credit: pixabay.com

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