All Rental Hosts in Albania to Pay Tax

All Rental Hosts in Albania to Pay Tax

TIRANA, November 15

The number of people in Albania that let out their homes or other properties in Airbnb or Booking increased significantly. Therefore, the General Directorate of Taxation called on citizens and businesses to comply with their tax obligations, otherwise, they will face penalties. The institution highlights in a press statement released on Wednesday that all incomes generated by offering lodging and accommodation facilities via Airbnb, Booking, or similar websites are subject to tax.

“We must bring to your attention that the information published on the above-mentioned websites is monitored by the tax administration in order to identify the individuals that exercise this activity, without being registered according to the tax law,” the statement says.

Moreover, it explains that whoever that provides lodging service within the territory of the Albanian Republic, is exercising an economic activity, and those individuals must register at the National Business Center.
“Every illegal economic activity or undeclared income from these activities is considered a violation of the law that is subject to penalty,” it was said in the press release.
Further on, it explains the penalties that the subjects that will fail to pay their tax obligations. They consist of the suspension of the right to exercise their activity and suspension of their permit or license for a six-month period if the subject obtained a license based on the law On Tourism.

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