Reasons why companies should outsource services in Albania

Reasons why companies should outsource services in Albania

Tirana, Albania
12 April 2016

Outsourcing services to a country that has a favorable labor cost and a strategic geographical location such as Albania, is a smart way to expand your business and take it to another level. In the past years, dozens of foreign companies have opened their branches in Albania or new contracting companies as a way to benefit from the low level of taxation and the favorable labor costs in the country.

The practice continued since in the first years of post-communism when foreign companies from the garment and footwear industries established their factories in Albania and employed thousands of people. The trend of outsourcing has increased mainly in fields of client and digital services such as call centers, web development, design and copywriting companies.  Some of the largest outsourcing companies include Deloitte, IDS, Teleperformance Albania and many others.

Why outsource your company’s services to Albania?

  • Young, well-educated and multi-language population

About 63% of the population is part of the labor market and the majority of it possesses a university degree and knows at least 1 foreign language. Most of Albanians have good knowledge of Italian and English languages.

  • Favorable labor costs and tax system

Being still a developing country with a fragile economic system based on the service sector and tourism, Albania offers low labor costs for companies that are interested in outsourcing their services. Also, the taxation system is very favorable given that the tax on profits is only 15%. The procedures for opening a business in Albania are very simple and at low cost.

  • Strategic geographical location

Albania has a very strategic location. It is located in the heart of Balkans, in front of Italy and bordered by Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Flights to other European countries last no more than 3-5 hours and the country is currently opening the second airport in Kukes northern city, near to Kosovo.

Currently, the majority of companies that are outsourcing their services to Albania are companies from Italy, Germany and the USA.

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