Reaction of Dutch Embassy to Tirana: You Have to Do More

Reaction of Dutch Embassy to Tirana: You Have to Do More

TIRANA, June 13

The Embassy of Netherlands in Tirana, gave an official announcement yesterday after the voting in the Dutch parliament for not starting the negotiations with Albania, adding that the Netherlands remain determined for the perspective of EU regarding the countries in the Western Balkans.

The Dutch Embassy in its statement said that the politics of expansion of the EU is based on the right conditions to ensure that the reforms in the countries that aspire to become part of the EU are stable and inalienable and the basic data are sustainable.

The declaration adds that the Netherlands appreciates and welcomes the steps that Albania has taken, especially regarding the judicial reform and the vetting process, as the latter is an extraordinary and unique process for the region. But there are steps, particularly in the fight against corruption and organized crime, that Albania still has to take before the fulfillment of the criteria defined from the Council in June 2018, in order to start negotiations.

At the end of the official statement from the Netherlands Embassy in Tirana, it said that they, as country understand how challenging it is the process of admission and the Dutch government, will support Albania in all of their reforms as much as they can, especially in the field of ruling the law.

Yesterday, the Dutch parliament approved a motion that requested the government to not accept the start of negotiations with Albania, as such a thing is still considered early.

News Source/ A.T.SH.

Photo Credit/ The Embassy of Netherlands in Albania

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