Rama Sacks Majority of Cabinet

Rama Sacks Majority of Cabinet

TIRANA, December 27

Eight ministers, members of the governmental cabinet, were dismissed from office on Friday during the National Assembly of the Socialist Party. Prime Minister Edi Rama announced major changes across the cabinet, by dismissing ministers and replacing them with deputy ministers or directors while attempting to argue that the changes “are not the result of failures.”

“It is untrue that the change comes as a result of failures,” Rama declared before announcing his cabinet’s long-lasting ministers dismissed from office.

1. Minister of Finance and Economy Arben Ahmetaj was dismissed from office and replaced by Anila Denaj.
2. Damian Gjiknuri, who chaired the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, was replaced by Belinda Balluku, currently director of the Air Navigation Services of Albania, Albcontrol. Rama stated that Gjiknuri is innocent regarding the scandal of DH Albania.
3. Moreover, former Minister of Education, Sport, and Youth Lindida Nikolla was replaced by Besa Shahini from Kosovo. Shahini held the post of the Deputy Minister of Education.
4. Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati was replaced by Gent Caka also from Kosovo.
5. In the meantime, Elva Margariti, who was the ‘100 villages’ project coordinator, will be the new Minister of Culture, a post held by Mirela Kumbaro.
6. Blendi Cuci will replace Niko Peleshi as Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.
7. Eduart Shalesi is the new Minister for the Protection of Entrepreneurship, a post held by Sonila Qato.
8. The Minister of State for Relations with Parliament Ermonela Felaj was replaced by Elisa Spiropali, former general director of customs.
9. Meanwhile, Erion Brace was appointed Deputy Prime Minister
News Source: local media, Reporter.al 

Photo Credit: PM’s Office

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