Rail Expansion Plans to Connect Durres – Pogradec – Lin with Macedonia

Rail Expansion Plans to Connect Durres – Pogradec – Lin with Macedonia

TIRANA, June 13

The city of Durres, one of the main links of the railway system in Albania will go through a modern revitalization process that is expected to have a direct impact on economic growth, as well as on the transport of passengers and commodities.
Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Artan Shkreli said on Wednesday during a presentation of one of the investment projects in Durres Region that Albania and Macedonia will be connected by train.

“We’re now in a stage where the projects on the development of the railway system connect not only Albanian cities but also neighbor countries that are an important part of international corridors planned to be constructed in the Western Balkans,” Shkreli said.
According to Shkreli, the feasibility study on Durres – Pogradec – Lin was completed while detailed project on Durres – Rrogozhina is underway.

He added that Lin – Macedonia railway section will be2.8 km long in the Albanian side and 40km in the Macedonian side. Moreover, he added that the terms of reference for expanding the railway further to Korca and Greece via Kapshtica cross-border point are being scrutinized.
Durres – Pogradec – Lin – Macedonia will further connect with the Bulgarian rail system.
According to Shkreli, the cost for the rehabilitation of Durres – Rrogozhina rail is estimated at Euro 85 million.

News Source: ATA

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