Rafting on Vjosa River- One of the Wonders of Europe

Rafting on Vjosa River- One of the Wonders of Europe

TIRANA, June 3

Vjosa is a river that is located in the south of Albania and flows into the Adriatic Sea.
As is already known, on the Vjosa river, the local and foreign visitors could do rafting, turning Tepelena town in a place with a touristic potential for the passionate of the sports adventure, but not only.

Vjosa river
Local and foreign tourists enjoying rafting on Vjosa river

There are many other things that local and foreign tourists could do besides rafting, such as climbing into a mountain, enjoy the waterfalls, the canyons, natural monuments, castles, cult objects, and try the delicious and traditional food.
Vjosa is one of the most beautiful rivers in Albania, regarding the cleanness, landscape, and living things. But unfortunately in recent years is being threatened by the projects of the government regarding the possible construction of the hydropower plants.

Vjosa river
A panoramic view of Vjosa from the banks and its beautiful surrounding landscape

A rafting trip to Vjosa could be one of the most amazing experiences when you visit Tepelena. Vjosa river is 270 km long and along with it, you will get to see the beautiful canyons, currents, islands, and turns that create wonderful snatches. Tepelena, that easily identifies with the name of Ali Pashe Tepelena and hundreds of excellent engineering works that were built during his domination, offers this year some inns, the canyons of Nivica, the possibility for adventure activities, castles, antique ruins, and the exploration of a bigger area with agricultural traditions.

canyons of Vjosa river
A rafting trip to Vjosa river, you will get to see the wonderful canyons that make up the area

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Source and Photo Credit/ A.T.SH.

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