Race for 5 Mining Areas of Chromium Excavation Has Already Started

Race for 5 Mining Areas of Chromium Excavation Has Already Started

TIRANA, June 21

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has declared open the competition for 5 mining areas, for the research and extraction of chromium ore, meanwhile the subjects who are interested should submit the necessary documentation before July 11, 2019.

Referring to specifications, 2 of the mining areas are in Elbasan county and aim at the exploitation of this mineral. Whereas, the third zone that is rich with chromium is in Kukes. Regarding the other 2 mineral zones in Has and Bulqize, the activity is more about the research and discovery of this mineral.

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The successful completion of these procedures would be of special importance as the officials of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, have declared that for more than 7 years in our country are not done new discoveries regarding the chromium. This concern has come out during the discussions of the Parliamentary Committee for Manufacturing Activities for the fiscal package of 2019, where despite this situation the government raised the rent of chromium exported abroad with the justification that the chromium in the country was running out.

The ministry in the relation that associated the change in the law for national taxes emphasized that the chromium in Albania will run out in 8 years, because of the large exports that are estimated to be 500.000 tons yearly, whereas almost 135.000 ton will go for processing within the country. Currently, the known reserves of chromium are estimated to be 5.5 million tons.

Source/ Scan T.V.

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