Protik – a successful hub that supports Albanian young entrepreneurs

Protik – a successful hub that supports Albanian young entrepreneurs

It is the third year that Protik Innovation Center helds a very unique event for young people with innovative business ideas, called Business Speed Dating. It consists in generating new connections between Albanian businessmen and new entrepreneurs which can  benefit by this event to expand their professional network by having the chance to speak in person for five minutes with 5 successful and known Albanian businessmen.

Business speed dating

In this year event, the choosen businessmen as mentors of Business Speed Dating 2014 where successful CEO-s such as Roland Sherko, the founder of, one of the most successful websites in Albania, Arlinda Dudaj, Executive Director of Dudaj Publishing and other well known Albanian businessmen.

Business speed dating

There were about 20 chosen young entrepreneurs who had the chance to participate in this important event. After the event finished, these youngsters had the chance to meet and discuss with this event’s mentors  during the coffee break, another important opportunity for them to ask for funds and support for their business ideas.


Protik is the only center in Tirana which continuously organizes startup events, competitions for the best and innovative ideas in techonology, entrepreneurship trainings, round tables, presentations and conferences that aim to bring closer businesses representatives and Albanian youngsters. It started as a startup, an idea of Edlira Kasaj, CEO of Protik since its establishment.

Protik center

Protik is supported by the Albanian Government, United Nations Development Programme in Albania, AADF, Microsoft, Cisco and Albtelecom. This center provides support for all youngsters in Albania who aim to become future businessmen in bringing new business ideas in the Albanian market.

Apart from the success of this event, we found a very nice surprise in this center, a british girl named Amber, a MBA student in Birmingham University, who since two months was attending an unpaind internship at Protik. Amber choose this center as the adequate place for an effective and promising work practice and this shows the success of this startup, headed by Mrs. Edlira Kasaj,  a well known entrepreneur in Albania.


Protik center will continue to held important events for Albanian young entrepreneurs. The upcoming events?

“Microsoft Office” Training Courses for Disable People

Protik is reopening the trainings for people with disabilities. These trainings will take place during the month of July-August 2014 and the participants will be trained on the basics of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Protik is one of the few offices in Tirana with fully functional facilities for the disabled, through this training Protik aims to support people with disabilities while increasing their knowledge in the field of ICT. These trainings can be particularly important, since they will help to increase their job opportunities in the market.

Photo credits: Protik Innovation Center

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