Prime Minister Rama in a rafting trip at Osumi Canyons

Prime Minister Rama in a rafting trip at Osumi Canyons

Prime Minister Edi Rama has spent his holiday at Osumi Canyons in Skrapari district, to promote the economic and touristic potentials of this area, very well known for its breathtaking natural and unspoiled beauties of Osumi Canyons. After his rafting trip for several hours, Rama termed these canyons “a prehistorical natural tunnel”. “Skrapari Canyons, a new experience in the magical Albania, in a never seen before point of view”- added Rama.

During his stay, he inaugurated the new Road of Canyons, an investment that improves further the road infrastructure of this touristic area and makes it easy to visit Osumi Canyons.

Another natural acttraction visited by Primer Rama was the Kasabashi Bridge, a monument of Albania’s cultural heritage of 17’s century.  Rama invited everyone to have its own experience by visiting one of the most wonderful natural complexes of Albania.

Accoring to Rama, “Albanian government has provided funds for the construction of the city’s ring road and we are making urbanistic studies about the city. I am convinced that Osumi Canyons are an extraordinary potential that will help in the total transformation of economic development of the city and the whole area. We have a huge and unexploited natural wealth.”

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