Unique postage stamp in honour to Pope Francis Albania trip

Unique postage stamp in honour to Pope Francis Albania trip

In the framework of the Pope’s visit in Albanian on September 21, 2014, Post of Albania has emitted a unique postage stamp with a limited amount. The postage stamp will be issued into circulation as of September 21, in honour to the first visit of the Holy Father Pope Francis in Albania, considered as a historical event.

After being elected by the State Commision of Post of Albania postage, the design of this special stamp has been approved by the Holy See of Vatican.  The emission of the postage stamp consists of one series with one picture, a tray of nine stamps and the First Day Cover.

This stamp with a value of 100 ALL has been emitted for the postal service at only 5,000 pieces and 200 FDCs. The institution that owns the exclusive right to issue this postage stamp is Post of Albania. The head of this institution, Majlind Lazimi, expressed his satisfaction for emitting this unique stamp by adding that Post of Albania will be aware of any upcoming cultural or historical event to reflect them through unique postage stamps.

The first time a Pope visited Albania was on April 25, 1993, the historical visit of Pope John Paul II. The visit of Pope Francis in Albania will be the first visit of Pope in Balkan. After several invitations by many states, Pope decided to start his tourney with a one day visit in Albania, described by Pope as a suffered country, and an excellent example of the religious tolerance.

News source: ATA

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