Popular Tourist Attractions in the North Can’t Manage Tourist Rush

Popular Tourist Attractions in the North Can’t Manage Tourist Rush

TIRANA, August 17

Albania gets a lot of attention by international and domestic tourists during the summer season. Besides the good review that they give on climate, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and cheap prices, visitors often raise concerns related to infrastructural issues.

They also complain about local agencies and guides that sometimes lack linguistic skills and knowledge of the traditions, history and other information about the area where they guide the tourists.
Meanwhile, another main problem that emerged due to the massive flock of visitors to Northern Albania is related to the lack of infrastructure, qualified personnel and service in hotels and local inns. In many cases, the tourists spend the night in tents or in their cars. So far, Valbona Valley and Theth area in the northern region are the two destinations that received the highest number of visitors from European countries. Therefore, accommodation turned into a main concern. Hotels and inns are full especially during weekends when hundreds of people choose the Alps in order to escape the summer heat.
According to the inhabitants of Valbona and Theth, there isn’t yet a clear vision on tourism management in both areas where everything seems to function as it happens. Valbona area continues to strictly preserve a traditional way of living that is highly preferred by foreign visitors that mostly arrive from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. They love beautiful nature, hospitality and traditions, but on the other hand, they also require for accommodation and health service.

News Source: ATA

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