Polish Media Promote Tourism in Albania

Polish Media Promote Tourism in Albania

TIRANA, September 23

The association of Polish tourism operators ranks Albania among the top ten destinations for 2015-2016. Besides the fact that this ranking confirms that Polish tourists are highly attracted by the Albanian nature, history and traditions, it will have a strong impact on the people that haven’t visited Albania yet. Moreover, media has its role on the increased interest of Polish tourists. ‘Time for Albania’ is the headline of an important article by daily Metrocafe.

It highlights the potential of the summer season due to the fact that the country has a long coastline in the Adriatic and Ionian seas.The article quotes representatives of tourism agencies who say that Albania offers picturesque nature and a new basis of the hospitality industry, where booking for a week costs about Euro 400 per week. Currently, a group of 60 representatives of Polish media are visiting Albania.

On the other hand, even the Albanian Ministry of Tourism confirms that Polacks alongside with Czechs and Slovaks make the major part of the international tourists that have visited the country during the recent years.
According to official data, about 59,000 Polacks visited Albania in 2015, while during the first nine months of 2016 about 60,000 Polish tourists have visited the country.

News Source: ATA

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