PM Rama promises a new business climate for foreign investors

PM Rama promises a new business climate for foreign investors

Prime Minister Edi Rama attended a ceremony organized by Foreign Investors Association in Albania, by declaring that “the government is no more deaf towards businesses claims”, and although the year we left behind was very difficult for country’s economy, the government was more reliable than past years.

“The year we left behind was a difficult one for the government and businesses as well, but you can see that the government is trying to improve its relations with businesses. We have planned the creation of the first Council of Investments in cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the National Council of Investments too.

Rama declared that Albanian government will collaborate with businesses and will keep its promises in order to ensure a better environment for investing in Albania. Speaking about the debt the government has to businesses, Rama announced that a new law will eliminate this problem by not allowing any government to be in debt to businesses.

PM Rama underlined the joint collaboration of Albania’s government with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in compiling analyses and an effective economic model, based on external suggestions.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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