Plans for Doctors in Regional Hospitals, to Earn Nearly as Italian Physicians, PM Says

TIRANA, September 12

The health sector will receive special attention during the four upcoming years. This was said by the Premier, Edi Rama during the presentation of the Council of Ministers in the Parliament on Monday. The PM was answering to the opposition questions. Besides the plans for the health sector, he unveiled a proposal for a new financing scheme that according to Rama, would encourage medical specialists to work in regional hospitals and healthcare centers.
“We are working on a new financing scheme in order to stimulate physicians to work in regional hospitals out of the capital city. We are still discussing the idea for offering to medical specialists a wage, excluded taxes, that they would get, let’s say in Italy,” Rama said.
Moreover, he added that the support to the healthcare sector will increase and the goal is that public expenditure for the health sector accounts for 60-65percent of total expenses.
He also said that an increase by 40 percent of the wages of physicians, nurses, and teachers can be achieved within this governing term.
There is still much to be done for the health care system in Albania. The sector is facing several problems, and one of them is the high number of doctors that are leaving Albania for a better life abroad, mostly in Germany.

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