A Passenger Plus of 22.4% during First Half Year at TIA

TIRANA, July 27

The activity of air, sea, and road transportation during the first half of 2017 was positive. This was confirmed by the recent data on transportation stats issued by Institute of Statistics (INSTAT).
The number of passengers traveling by air during via Tirana International Airport (TIA) for the first six months of 2017 is 1,120,326. Compared to the same period of 2016, it increased by 22.4 percent. Meanwhile, the same indicator for June 2017 increased by 26.4 percent compared to June 2016.
Air transportation in the first half of 2017 accounts for 63.9 percent of transportation services.
Moreover, airlines transported 153 metric tons of goods for the month of June, while the volume of goods transported by air during the first half of the year is 878 metric tons. Further on, the number of flights for this segment was 10,742.
Even road and railway transportation increased.
The volume of goods imported and exported via ports for the period January-June 2017 is 1,947,460 tons and over 92 percent were transported through the Port of Durres.
The volume of goods transported via railways increased four times compared to 2016
Meanwhile, the number of passengers traveling by sea increased by 18.2 percent.

News Source: INSTAT

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