Over 45,000 Polish Tourists Visited Albania this Summer

Over 45,000 Polish Tourists Visited Albania this Summer

TIRANA, October 4

Over 40 representatives of tour operators and travel agencies from Poland are currently exploring Albania in the frame of FAM trip. The purpose of the visit consists of the presentation of the tourist package that Albania may provide for the Polish market and closer exploration of the country’s tourist attractions.
About 45,000 Polish tourists visited Albania in 2016, so far, with a frequency of four charter flights each week. This means 30 percent more visitors compared to 2015. Moreover, it is expected that the number of flights for the period June-September 2017 becomes ten for each week.
Polish tourists tend to spend their vacations on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The combination of sea and cultural tourism through one day tours would be part of guided tours.
Recently a group of 60 journalists from Poland visited Albania and they are going to promote Albania as a tourist destination in their country.

News Source: ATA

Photo Credit: Albania Rafting Group

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