Outsourcing companies and the manufacturing sector affected in the economic growth in 2014

Outsourcing companies and the manufacturing sector affected in the economic growth in 2014

In  2013, sectors that increased their number of employees where the manufacturing industry, telecommunication and client services. The industrial sector is leaded by the manufacturing industry, textiles and shoes which work with ordered raw materials as well as outsourcing companies in the client service sector, known as Call Centers. These sectors, according to the latest result from INSTAT, have increased employment by 22% on an annual basis, calculated at the end of September 2014.  During 2013, the companies’ activity in the trade sector realized 48.7% of turnover and occupied about 43.3% of the total number of enterprises, by hiring circa 26% of the total employees.

According to the Structural Business Survey 2013, the turnover of employees for 2013 decreased by 2.6%, as a result of employees’ increase by 9.0%, a higher rate than the turnover by 6.2%. In the manufacturers of goods, turnover of employees decreased by 2.2% compared with 2012 turnover, in industry by 3.4%, while in the construction sector this indicator rose up to 1.8%.

Compared with 2012, the turnover of employees decreased by 3.1%.  The greatest reduction has been noticed in transport and communication sectors, by 7.8%. Enterprises with 50 or more employees dominated the economy by making 60.1% of the total turnover. About 48.5% of employees belong to this group of enterprises, which are investing for their economic activities over 66.9% of the total investment. Despite this group of enterprises, those employing 1-4 people make up 89.4% of enterprises which realized 15.8% of turnover and 34.5% of the total employees. In this group of small enterprises, manufacturers stay at the top.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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