Officials Take Next Step on Kuksi Airport

Officials Take Next Step on Kuksi Airport

TIRANA, April 25

It was in early April that Prime Minister said that Kuksi Airport will start operating this autumn. Previously, he said that a serious investor expressed interest in Kuksi Airport. Following the premier’s declarations, Albcontrol (Air Navigation Services of Albania) launched a procurement procedure for Kuksi Airport. The procedure focuses on a feasibility study for the airport navigation infrastructure. According to the papers made available by Albcontrol, a contractual company will develop the concept for flight operations under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in Kuksi Airport.
The study will focus on at least 14 points starting with the general feasibility analysis. Moreover, the company will draft recommendations on one or more procedures to bring forward the start of flights depending on land limitations. The study will also focus on the type of flight operations, including aircraft and the possible extension of the airport runway. The value of the fund available for this survey is Lek 10.8 million.
Kuksi is one of the poorest regions in Albania. The airport will create employment opportunities and a low-cost alternative to Tirana International Airport.

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News Source: Monitor

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