Offices for Albanian Biometric Documents to Open in 6 Countries

Offices for Albanian Biometric Documents to Open in 6 Countries

TIRANA, November 4

Albanian citizens residing in Europe will soon have the opportunity to apply for the biometric documents service in six new offices, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs informed on Wednesday.
Based on the announcement shared on the Ministry’s social media account, the new offices will open in:

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Paris, France
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Bari, Italy
  • Istanbul, Turkey

The offices will operate by the premises of respective Albanian embassies or consulates in the above-mentioned cities.
Those new offices will bring to 14 the total number of worldwide bureaus where Albanian citizens can apply for biometric identification documents.
Currently, the service is provided by the Albanian embassies or consulates in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rome, Milan, Brussels, Munich, London, and New York. The initial application for an ID card or Passport in these offices is done through e-Albania, where applicants also can find more information on the service fee, the processing time, and much more.
The Ministry did not specify the date when the service for the new application offices is going to be available, but it’s expected that the e-Albania platform will update the application service in due time.

The sure thing is that it will be helpful to citizens who work, study, or reside in the aforementioned or nearby countries. Hence, they won’t have to travel back to Albania especially in the current situation when travel, testing, and quarantine orders are in place or might be implemented with little notice.

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Source: MEPJ

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