Normal Operations Resume at Durres Fishing Port

Normal Operations Resume at Durres Fishing Port

TIRANA, October 23

The new fishing port of Durres will be finally used by the fishing fleet. The port that was constructed in 2014 for a fleet of over 100 fishing ships was used as a marina where luxury yachts and boats were anchored. Recently, all the vessels not related to fishing activity were removed from the port. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Niko Peleshi said during a meeting that he held during the weekend with fishermen that they can now use the port that was occupied by vessels not related to fishing activity. Moreover, he added that this sector will receive further support as the fish detection equipment present on board will be excluded by the Value Added Tax (VAT). This measure will be added to the fiscal package of 2018. This will have a direct cost-reduction impact for more than 500 fishing boats throughout the Albanian coastline.
“This is a new investment that only today (Saturday) was used for the first time by fishing boats because 1it was occupied by private yachts and other boats not related to the initial purpose of the port,” Peleshi said.

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