No Water Supply in Urban Tirana during the Weekend

No Water Supply in Urban Tirana during the Weekend

TIRANA, June 5

Capital city Tirana will face a shortage of water supply over the weekend, the Water Supply and Sewerage Company (UKT) announced. Based on the official information provided by UKT, the final stage of infrastructure investment at the water treatment plant of Bovilla will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, UKT called on citizens to take measures and store water for the weekend. According to UKT, the situation will turn back to normal on Monday, while all urban Tirana will be affected by the weekend shortages.
The new investment is expected to increase Bovilla’s plant capacity by 30 percent.

Tirana Water Supply
New water supply pipe network

A considerable number of Tirana inhabitants buy bottled water due to hygienic concerns mostly related to water tanks which are used due to the lack of 24-hour water supply.

Source/Photo Credit: UKT

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