No Visa for Albanian Citizens, EU Delegation Clarifies

No Visa for Albanian Citizens, EU Delegation Clarifies

TIRANA, October 6

During the last two days, some Albanian media outlets published misinformation regarding the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). According to the news, Albanian citizens would need a visa to travel to the Schengen Area starting 2021, even though the European Commission confirms that the service will not come into effect until the end of 2022.


Hence, the European Union Delegation to Tirana reacted on Tuesday with a clarification statement.
Firstly, it points out that ETIAS is an IT system currently being developed.
Secondly, it is not a visa.
Third, it is expected to start operating by the end of 2022.
Fourth, Albanian citizens will be eligible to apply for an ETIAS authorization, like nationals from 61 other countries, because Albania is and will be a visa-free country for the EU.
Fifth, Albanian nationals will be simply required to apply for an ETIAS authorization, when the system will come into force. However, there will be no need to go to a consulate or diplomatic authority and no biometric data will be collected.
Sixth, the application will be done online and it will take a few minutes to be completed and it will cost €7 per adult person. People under the age of 18 will be exempt from the application fee. Applicants must have a valid passport to get an authorization.
Once approved, the ETIAS will be valid for three years, with an unlimited number of entries in all Schengen area countries, for a stay no longer than 90 days in six months.

More information in the ETIAS requirements is available HERE

Pas disa informacioneve të gabuara që qarkullojnë rreth Sistemit Evropian të Informacionit dhe Autorizimit të Udhëtimeve…

Gepostet von European Union in Albania am Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2020

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