No More HPPs on Protected Areas

No More HPPs on Protected Areas

TIRANA, October 8

The Construction of Hydro Power Plants (HPPS) will no longer be allowed in protected areas. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism adopted a verdict that bans HPPs construction in areas of natural and historic importance. The decision was taken as a consequence of the numerous cases of environmental abuses by concessionary companies that failed to meet the defined criteria.
Therefore, the Ministry created a working group with experts in order to define tough rules on the construction of HPPs and on river exploitation without environmental impact. On the other hand, experts said for Scan TV that the situation in the Albanian rivers is serious and measures have to be taken in order to ensure environmental protection.
Valbona, Osum, Vjosa, and Bushtrica are a few of the rivers that need immediate intervention in order to prevent possible consequences caused by HPPS.

News Source: Scan TV

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