New Series of Banknotes in Release This Fall

New Series of Banknotes in Release This Fall

TIRANA, July 3

In the fall of this year, the Bank of Albania will release in circulation the new series of banknotes, and the first ones will be for the cuts of 200 and 5.000 Leke (the Albanian currency). Gradually the new series will include all of the banknotes in use. Virjon Lalollari, the Chief of the Department of Emission in the Bank of Albania, has said in an interview that the current series it’s been in circulation for more than 20 years, meanwhile the new cut will have the same theme but will be redesigned, and most important the new banknotes will have more security features.

According to Lalollari the new series of banknotes differs from the current series in 4 different fields. The first one is the security field, the improvement of security elements and the banking industry has made possible the production of new banknotes which are hard to falsify.  Also, the design of the new banknotes has undergone major changes, the industry of the production of the banknotes has added new elements regarding the aesthetic theme, maintenance, and longevity. The new sketches are kept a secret from the Bank of Albania, for security reasons, meanwhile, the new cut of banknotes has started to be produced abroad.

The reason why they will be released this fall is that they are still in the process of production, and with a special event by the Bank of Albania they will be introduced to the public for immediate use. Also, Bank of Albania plans for the next year to put into the circulation the release of the very first banknote of 10.000 Leke, which will have the biggest value in Albanian currency.  The theme will be the national anthem and its author, the poet Asdreni.

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