New School Year Starts in Albania Unlike Any Before

New School Year Starts in Albania Unlike Any Before

TIRANA, September 14

The new school year 2020-2021 started across Albania for over 480,000 students enrolled in primary and secondary schools. Starting Monday, children will return to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic with tough prevention and control measures in place. Therefore, a new safety protocol will be implemented in all education facilities. Some schools with a higher number of pupils will apply a four-shift protocol to comply with the safety protocol. The latter defines a reduced number of children, one per desk, and compulsory use of facemasks by everyone. Hygiene is essential for those being at school in the age of coronavirus.
Over 30,000 teachers will be back to school, but the new academic year did not start in all schools as many were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake of November 2019.
Moreover, the Ministry of Education confirmed that all the children who cannot attend school due to health issues can attend school classes via Public Television.

Gepostet von Ministria e Arsimit, Sportit dhe Rinisë am Montag, 14. September 2020

Meanwhile, the new academic year started in 36 Vocational Education and Training schools all over the country.

Despite, the opening of schools, it would be essential to find out how the pandemic has affected the number of school drop-outs and to help those children, especially girls, return back to school.

Source: Local media

Photo Credit: Besa Shahini

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