New regulation for the classification of touristic subjects

New regulation for the classification of touristic subjects

The newly approved law on tourism provides a new regulation for touristic trade subjects which operate in Albania throughout the year. According to it, the accommodative and entertainment trade subjects which operate in touristic areas will be classified by a foreign company based on their performance in services, offers and accommodation conditions.

All these subjects will have to submit at the Ministry of Tourism the request for receiving a classification certificate, which will be valid for 4 years and subjects may renovate it within 30 days after the deadline.

An accommodating private subject have the right to be reconfirm their classification and apply for a better ranking among other subjects before their current certificate expires. The costs of the applying process will be covered by touristic enterprises, according to the new law. After being certified, the touristic subjects get automatically registered in the Central Tourism Register.

On the other hand, the law also clarifies when a subject may be interrupted from exercising its activity in cases it doesn’t meet the minimum set criteria in the respective field. Article 51 says “The right to exercise activity in touristic areas may be cancelled by a decision of the commission for the standardization of touristic activity in cases when the accommodative subject does not meet the minimum criteria of the classification system.”

News source: ATA
Photo credits: Nentor Oseku

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