New Overpass at Shqiponja Roundabout to Reduce Traffic Congestion

New Overpass at Shqiponja Roundabout to Reduce Traffic Congestion

TIRANE, January 10

The Municipality of Tirana plans to construct an overpass at Shqiponja Square in order to reduce traffic congestion. Mayor of the capital city Erion Veliaj said that the new urban plan for Tirana includes a grade separation in the area also recognised as Dogana.
“We are thinking also of a solution to Zogu i Zi, but the major problem with traffic congestions is at Shqiponja Square. Zogu i Zi roundabout has a more normal sense of circulation,” the Mayor said for Vizion+ TV.
Moreover, he added that urban transportation will improve as citizens will soon use e-ticket for public transportation.
According to Veliaj, the Municipality is expecting a decision by the Council of Ministers. The decision was Okayed by other ministries and it will pave the way to the Municipality for issuing the electronic tickets.
Besides the e-ticket, every bus will have a GPS connected to electronic sign that is going to tell how many stops away the next bus is. According to Veliaj, all these will help to increase quality and measure the performance of operators that offer public transportation services.

News Source: Scan TV

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