New Model on Shoreline Management Needed, Tare Says

New Model on Shoreline Management Needed, Tare Says

TIRANA, April 11

The situation in the Albanian coast has not changed compared to the previous year thus, reflecting issues related to management problems. This was pointed out by the chair of the national Coastal Agency, Auron Tare in an interview for Scan TV.

“No major change form the last year was made. The reason is that so far no clear model for the administration of the coastal area and beaches was completed. The National Coastal Agency has often required the implementation of a new model based on the positive experience of our neighbours, especially Montenegro,” Tare said.
According to him, the model consists of a vertical administration system. Planning, standardization, certification, and collection of revenues must be done by one specific institution.
Concerning the tourism sector in general, Tare said that positive progress was made and figures confirm this. He added that Albania has not yet created a product that identifies the country.
“My opinion for the 20 Years that I have worked in this sector is that Albania so far has not created a unique product, that make tourists feel the real Albania,” Tare said.
News Source: Scan TV

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