New Lek 312 Mln IT Vocational School to Be Built in Tirana

New Lek 312 Mln IT Vocational School to Be Built in Tirana


TIRANA, September 12

A fund of Lek 312 million will be allocated by the Ministry of Finance and Economy for the construction of a new vocational school on Information Technology in Tirana for all the young people interested in an IT career and training programs. The new education facility will be located next to the existing Karl Gega vocational school situated near to the intersection between Kavaja Street and the Big Ring Road. The Ministry of Finance and Economy started the procedures for drafting the school project that plans the construction of a three-story facility with a capacity of 700 students.
Besides the classrooms, the school will include chemistry, physics, biology, and foreign languages labs, a library, a meeting room, a modern gym equipped with locker and shower rooms and outdoor sports facilities.

Based on the labor market demand vocational education and training schools offer numerous opportunities for young people that want to gain technical skills and training programs that fit their requirements and purposes.

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