New Law to Boost Bioproducts Sector Conforming EU Law

New Law to Boost Bioproducts Sector Conforming EU Law

TIRANA, September 13

The organic farming sector in Albania has grown recently thus the Parliament will adopt a new draft-law conforming European standards on the development of BIO products in the country.
The final draft has been consulted with CIAM experts from Italy and from the European Commission. The draft law was compiled as an improvement to the actual law on BIO products, which entered into force in 2004. It aims to establish a sustainable management system for organic agriculture in Albania.
The legal changes make easier to identify BIO products and the way how they are produced. According to it, saplings shouldn’t be genetically modified. Only organic fertilizer should be used. Moreover, it clearly defines sanctions for private operators that fail to comply the regulations on BIO products. Albania has a great potential for this sector due to the fact that ten time less fertilizer and pesticides are used for land unit compared to European countries.
Secondly, over 75 percent of agricultural terrain consists of hills and mountains. These are areas where production requires minimal use of inputs. On the other hand, soil fertility, warm weather and good climate make Albania an ideal place for cultivating BIO products.

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