New law on tourism to increase revenues and improve the sector

New law on tourism to increase revenues and improve the sector

A draft law on tourism is being scrutinized by parliamentary Commissions in order to pass it in the Assembly for approval. “For Tourism” draft law and a package of measures compiled by the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism aim to transform country’s tourism sector into a more competitive one in the region and more attractive to tourists.

According to it, it is predicted the establishment of local tourism development committees and territorial touristic service units which will coordinate the work on the ground regarding the development and improvement of touristic areas throughout the country. As for investments in the touristic areas, the new law will provide financial easiness since the government will offer real estate properties for the construction of accommodating touristic buildings toward the symbolic tariff of 1 euro per meter for 99 years.

The novelty of this new law according to its compilers is the creation of a national system for the classification and standardization of accommodating facilities in touristic areas and the issuance of classification certificates for each subject.

The aim to these changes is the improvement of the tourism sector in Albania and the increase of the number of tourists and investments as well. The law will serve as an important legal framework and as a regulatory for this sector. It aims the transformation of this sector into a more important one which will bring revenues and open job vacancies to the locals in touristic areas. For this year, the government has predicted that more than $ 1.3 billion will come as revenues from this sector. The figure is at the same amount of revenues that this sector could allocate in 2014.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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